Intelligent Machine Inc. is home to an enthused team of innovative artists, mathematicians, engineers, data- and computer scientists, web developers, marketers, and media experts. We pride ourselves on delivering measurable impact and continuous improvements in organisations of any size.

We enable our clients to weave cutting-edge technology into their organisations' fabric to solve complex problems and gain unmatched benefits, e.g. optimised business processes, improved sales, and superior customer satisfaction.

We utilise cutting-edge technology, e.g. AI/ML, to discover media insights, marketing trends and industry intelligence to predict future customer purchasing behaviour to develop integrated sales & advertising strategies and all-inclusive media campaigns.

Our involvement in technology is not limited to media & marketing and the development of websites & apps. We also offer full-stack development, the automation of business processes and industry R&D. We also assist Management with a variety of business intelligence reports to ensure informed decision-making.


  • Full-stack development, including websites & apps
  • Data Science solutions, including Predictive Modelling- and AI/ML solutions
  • Marketing, media & TTL-advertising strategy development and implementation
  • Brand Sentiment Analysis Reports
  • PR Strategy Development
  • Research & Development
  • Business Consulting
  • Event Management
  • 3D Printing
Intelligent Machine Inc.